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The Ultimate Guide To Self-Love For Beginners

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The first step is to always love your self. You might be at the beginning of you sustainable lifestyle journey or you might haven’t started but this journey will not only create room in your mind to grow but allow you to be your best self. So eventually you can start smiling for no reason or look in the mirror and be proud of who you have become.

In this blog post I will give you my ultimate guide to self love journey. Self acceptance looks different for every one and I hope you use this guide and a way to encourage your self to be your best. You don’t have to be perfect you are unique and the world needs your uniqueness.

Lets jump right into it!


*deep breath*

I started to think I failed because I thought I had to be perfect at it, but immediately after I sat down and thought about what I really wanted to accomplish from my self-acceptance journey my heart started to smile….. because I allowed my body and my mind to smile.

Love Your Body As It Is

I was ALWAYS waiting for that magic moment. The one where would feel like I was finally beautiful. Where I was finally the size everyone wanted me to be. When I started to embrace my tummy by simply just rubbing it at nights I then realized it is the simple moments with my body that made a difference.

I started allowing myself to love the stretch marks and roles things I was assuming would make all the difference if I just got rid of them! Spending time with my self mentally and physically in this case became so magical. So the thought of doing yoga and stretches were no longer about punishing my body, but more about honoring it for what it was capable of doing.

Get Uncomfortable On Purpose

Yes! This sort of ties into what I just talked about regarding loving your body as it is. When I just started my journey the first step for me was looking in the mirror without allowing negative thoughts to consume me. This is where it started for me. I am not saying I haven’t looked in the mirror for years I am saying generally when I observer people looking in the mirror they often highlight the bad or maybe not the bad but say something negative about them self like: “wow my arms looks fat’’ being uncomfortable on purpose allows you to relax with what you have and look on the brighter side. At first it will be hard but the beauty won’t ever be seen if you never take a moment to look.

Step In Front Of The Camera

Getting in-front of the camera can be a great way to embrace your self. Taking pictures can really help you understand your body outer appearance. Try taking pictures of your self in every single angle you possible can will let you know what to expect.

Just step in front of a camera!

Hit The Unfollow Button

If there are accounts that pop up on your feed that immediately bring negative energy into your space, hit unfollow. I can’t even tell you the amount of times I tried convincing myself that I needed to follow a certain account because it gave me “inspiration” some people feel they have to talk bad about there other kinds of people thinking they are inspirational … but that is a whole different topic. I just felt really awful every time I saw these pages and it would completely change my day and attitude. Clean up that social media space and fill it with those that bring you #positivevibes.

Eat Foods You Love, Not Foods You Hate

If you know me in real life, you know I hate too much green veggies I like my plate colorful. You can eat what you want and still be health. Ever since I was growing up my mama always tell me everything should be done in moderation even veggies because the moral or the story is that your body need a mixture of all different types of foods. So do not be afraid to live have fun and be your best self.

Say No More Often

I’ve always been a yes person. I find it difficult to say no to things. But then I would find myself in situations that were only bringing me down and simply made me have negative thoughts. Say yes to the things that make you excited, that bring you joy, that give you the opportunity to love yourself.

While on my self-acceptance journey I hope to create a community of women who encourage and uplift each other all the way to the top. If you are in any way struggling and need some one to talk to do not be shy. Reach out to me in my DM’s I am here for you and I know that feeling when you just start to accept your wholesome self and get scared you might go back to square one.

Comment and let me know if todays post was helpful and also share this with a friend or family member. #selfacceptance

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