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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting A Handmade Soap Business Helpful Tips For You If You Are Planning To Start A Business

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If you are planning to sell your own products or practically any products that you make with your hand this blog post will consist of some tips for you. As a maker myself I went through the chapter of learning many of these the hard way. I hope for this post to be helpful to a new maker or someone struggling with their business.

You Must Niche Down

This was something at the back of my mind I never thought about niching down because I was thinking “oh well everyone uses soap in one way or another” however everyone had their likes and dislikes. Some like fancy shapes, colors or soaps with no toxins, soaps for benefits and more. I had to find my target audience. I had to figure out who I was trying to get to buy my products based on what I used to formulate my products and how they looked.

I was on the simpler side and basically, my goal was to make non-tox beauty products with less with less and high the beauty in simplicity each ingredients in my product had a purpose which create lasting benefits for my customers and that made me happy to know I was creating products to solve a problem.

I had to realize not everyone would buy and when I say everyone I mean even friends and family. So niche down to find your target audience this will help you to create more products your customers love and allow you to focus on building a sustainable business.

Making Will Not Be The Biggest Part Of Your Day

If you are a maker like me you enjoy creating products however I hope you do not find this out too late. You need to market your products if you are going to spend all this time making them you definitely do not want to hear crickets ….. when it is time to SELL You will have to manage your time very well in order to find time to showcase what you are doing and get people interested in your products.

Helpful tip : Collect as many pictures and videos as you can for documentation purposes. thank me later 🥰

You will also have to think about packaging, pitching your brand to companies who might want to do wholesale, shipping customer’s orders and so much more.

Implementing a strategy or creating a schedule you can stick through a day in your business is very helpful.

Be Consistent

You are working to keep your customers and once you get them and they enjoy using your products. Try to be consistent with making these. I had at least 10 products that I never change or alter.

It is good to be known for something that way you will always have those customers coming back.

Passive income baby 💰

I know if I love a product and the company says it will no longer be in stock anymore or it just seems to have vanished without them saying why or just focusing on new products every season I would be a little concerned if the product I bought from them was any good and you do not want a customer to think that about you products or business.

Truth bomb 💣

Keep the learning curve phase out of your business. Let customers see you as an expert in your field. It does not matter if you have a weak point fix it without letting it affect your business credibility. It is about the customers what problems you are solving and basically making sure they are happy with your product to keep coming back.

It Is Okay To Say No


You have a business where you handcraft products. People will want to request customization. However, stick to what you can manage especially if you run your business alone. At some point in your businesss yDetermining the right pricing for your handmade soaps is essential to ensure profitability and sustainability

Do Not Compare Your Self To Other Makers

Soap-making has been around for decades. There are many seniors in the game hunny …. and I found myself stuck in a rabbit hole of comparing myself and my business to people who have s been making products long before me.

I can tell you this now it lead my business down a very steep hill 😭

It sure did not help me it was very discouraging and even made me want to give up.

There is no good in comparison while you can look for inspiration try not to follow others or try to be them.

You started your business for a reason and you have defined your target audience and you are solving a problem work hard on building and keeping the community you have built.

You Can Not Do Everything

Making your products might be the last thing you want anyone a part of and that is okay, it is what makes you happy and it is what you enjoy. However running a business requires your attention to be in multiple places if not at once in the same day.

For me I struggled with making labels, marketing, and branding I had no idea I could get help with these aspects of my business, and when I did my whole life changed. I was able to focus on what I enjoy doing while knowing my business would run smoothly and make sales to eventually create financial stability.

What are you struggling with, what do you know you will need help with or it is going to be a learning curve ask for help and do research there are many platforms out there with people equipped with these skills to help you.

Delegating is very important to be less stressed and that way you can enjoy actually hand-making you products and making an impact.

There Are Support Community For Entrepreneurs Be Apart Of One Could Help

At the end of the day we are all humans and running a business plus handling your personal life there can be times when not many people around you understand how your days look as an entrepreneur. Many platforms have groups for entrepreneurs it does not matter what makes (YOU ) you there is a space for everyone if not what the heck creates one to build a community.

You know the best thing this is this is great for collaborating and there are many ways to grow your business this way : you can learn from others and

Let me know if this post was helpful.

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  1. Thank you so much this has been so helpful for me i was so disappointed that most of my family and friends did not support me I knew this in my heart but was afraid to face it niching down made me uncomfortable at first I wanted to support everybody but I know now that I can’t and I won’t because I messes with my confidence and my ability to run my business smoothly. I will be checking back for more post for you because I can totally relate and everything about your blog make me feel at home thank you again.


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