Want To Be More Productive? Here Is How I Stay Productive, Confident And Get Things DONE

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As a mom and a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, I get asked a lot 

“How do you balance your busy life and create time for building wealth or even find time for just growing personally and building and running a business? “ 

Do you want a Truth Bomb ! 

 It is about the structure yes every day looks different some days are way more than mommy duties, my full-time job, collaborating, running my business and creating valuable content for Boobsieleena Home Blog.

If you are a multi-passionate like myself with the glorious additions to your life such as your beautiful kids , relationships and daily chores and more I bet you can RELATE. 

If you are reading this post. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to improve on ways to be more productive.

SO I make my productivity posts short and spicy.

The fact that you realize improving your productive traits will make you more successful is the key.

Lets Get To It

Here are some miracle tips that helped me when I was at one of the lowest points in my life and being more productive was dreadful to my success.

In The Morning Or Before Bed I Create A Success List or Plan

Instead of a to-do list, you need a success list — a list that is purposefully created around extraordinary results.  

Does it seem like every day you have more and more that you must get done? 

Personally I I felt like when I was Making a to-do list I kept giving my self excess things to do. I never got the change to ask my self what is more important. I was more focused on ticking them off the list. 

Do you often feel overwhelmed, or overcommitted? 

Do you feel like a  little robot just being given tasks to do and bouncing from task to task throughout the day, hoping to check as many things as possible off your to-do list — but later realizing you didn’t actually accomplish anything that truly matters?

Then we are in the same boat my friend…

To-do lists (whether in our head, on paper, or in an electronic system) which ever way you make it can help collect our best intentions, but they also  rule us into unimportant stuff that we feel obligated to get done.

 If allowed, a to-do list can dictate our priorities and keep us busy but not letting  us achieve real success for ourselves.  

Many activities on our to-do list do not relate to productivity or success  and certainly not to extraordinary results. 

So how do you decide what to do, or what to do first?

Successful people have an eye for the essential They:

  • Pause long enough to decide what matters to their success.
  • Do sooner what others plan to do later.
  • Differentiate to later (or indefinitely) what others do sooner.
  • Work from a clear sense of priority.

Walking into a day that can get busy real quick. This is a way to take control of being organized and have way more time to focus and the little thing that will make you successful.

Depression or anxiety can take it’s course very fast if I feel like I did not get things done or believe I have made no progress for the day. I wanted to feel successful every day I wanted to walk into my success with confidence and that means taking control of my time.

Get Moving

I don’t go to the gym of go for a mile run ( I am slowly but surely working on this) but as a work-from-home mom, I move around a lot doing chores and running behind my little toddler as he adventures around the house. My planner journal is my best friend.

Do you know why? Because I realized I get my best ideas when I am up and about moving. Yes, leave the toilet for decision-making…

Do not force yourself to sit still and think or focus, Ideas come in many forms. Blood is able to flow through your body better you lungs get way more air and positivity will come.

Do Not Force your Self To Think Bad About Your day because You Look Too Far Into The future and..

I use to do this every night before I go to bed, it drained me I ended us losing my confidence and dragging myself backward instead of forward. It made me give up.

I remember one night I said to my partner ” I failed at blogging, I failed at my business nothing will ever work.

Looking too far into the future too quickly can bring very bad thoughts and energy and believe it of not will put a daunting effect on your days ahead which eventually make you not as successful as you want to be.

I got distracted with the feeling of overwhelm and it took the first 2 steps for me to realize it.

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I have created a comment section for this blog post you can show your info or be totally annanymos I would just love to know if you have tried any of these. helpful tips and other ways that have been helping you .

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